Search Engine Recognition

Search Engine Recognition:

Getting listed on the search engines is hard work.  This is a monthly task you need to continually work on your site to keep it highly listed.  You need to be on the first few pages to make it really deliver the traffic.  Selection of the proper words or phrases to publish and to use for searching is critical.  We have developed the criteria to find the right words for your site and get them recognized.

Our company has developed the technical skill and the skills needed to get recognized and placed on the major search engines.

The proper use of Search Engine Recognition pages and the text on those pages is critical to proper recognition.

Check Google and type in - "dealer intelligence" and you will find the first listing as Solutrix LLC. That is us. First out of 1,270,000.

Try typing "concession tents" and see how highly BNBpartytents is ranked - number 2 on the non paid first page.

Type in "portsmouth realtor" and you will find is the second one.  That site is also well ranked with each of her other key words.  More importantly it is generating leads from the web presence.

We have hundreds of examples.  If you want to get to the first page - then email us with the url of your site and some idea of the phrases you want to get noticed with.  Well give you a call to let you know what we can do.

You should have noticed the position of this page on your favorite search engine.  It is was number one on the Big One.

We can do this for you too!!!

Our site has just moved down a few rankings as this is a process, not a one time event.  The challenge is to keep your site in the top rankings.