Laptop and Motorcycle

1Enough people have asked how I carry my laptop on my motorcycle rides I though it was best to show the photos with some explanation.

Those of you that feel incomplete without your laptop will understand.  Several years ago I found a solution that has worked well for me.  About 40,000 miles later and there have been no issues.

The steps I take before the ride:

1)      Backup the data the night before – I have way for you to do this for free

2)      Fully charge the battery

3)      Shut down the laptop don’t use hibernate or standby

           a. This will secure the hard drive better and has the electronics off.

 4)     Pack it so it is laying flat - better protects the hard drive.

I found a tank bag that could be used on the rear seat of luggage rack.  It also had a removable magnet that was used to stick to the tank.  I unzipped the magnet piece and kept it away from my laptop.  The data is all written on magnetic media.


These pictures will show you better.

The bag with opened with 2 sheets of foam. 



I used two layers of foam about 1/2 inch each instead of one 1 inch piece.


The laptop only fits in one way.  I"m real good at it now.


I only carry light soft items in with the computer, so nothing can add to the trauma.  The charger, etc get set in my luggage.  I put extra gloves and things I might want with relative ease.  Rain jacket, or neck warmers - rain jacket would not go back in wet.


This shows the bottom of the bag with the magnetic portion unzipped and removed.  It has shoulder straps which I have never used, but the handle is handy.


I just bungied it to the rear seat for a lot of miles, but I was unhappy with the way it rested on the rear grab bar.  The flat luggage rack is much easier and I can get under the rear seat without having to remove the bag.  I use 2 long bungies,  One can hold it, but 2 makes me feel more secure.



Set in place.



With bungies in place.  When the bag is full it does not get as scrunched as it shows here.  It carries the laptop very well.



To get your laptop backed up for free you can use our service for the free trial.  It is a complete, secure backup.  The first time you do this it will take several hours - the subsequent ones are done in minutes.

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