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Single Pilot IFR can be the most demanding and rewarding flying.  It takes the right attitude to do it well.  You need to keep yourself current and proficient!

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Single Pilot IFR

I love to fly in the clouds.  I find it relaxing and taxing at the same time.  I don't like bad weather, but I do like using my skills to stay on track in the clouds.  I once flew to Florida asking the controllers for specific altitudes and they said they would be glad to accommodate me to keep me out of the clouds.  Oh no, I want this altitude to put me in the clouds.

Single Pilot IFR is all about planning and managing the risks inherent in flying.  You need to be ahead of and stay ahead of the workload.  We all know it will get busy, and then you need to be doing it all at once.  Cockpit Resource Management for One is Single Pilot IFR flying.

Changing Your Oil  (I just went to the AOPA site and they are estimating $150 plus for an oil change.  This has put renewed emphasis on me getting this done as I was doing mine for the cost of the filter and oil.)

It is not that hard to do.  It can save you significant money and you will know it is done right.  The very first oil change was done at the FBO where I bought the plane.  Their charge was reasonable.  The first time I had it changed at another FBO I found out how reasonable they were.  To change the oil I needed an oil filter ($14.95 and 12 quarts of oil ,Shell 15w50 about $36.00) and the bill was for $120.00.  I decided right there to find out how to do this myself.

It does help to have someone show you how to do it the first time.  I'm putting together photos and a story to tell you how to do it right the first time.  You too can change your oil without the mess and cost you thought.  This first time was so messy I figured I have spilled 30 quarts of oil.  I only put in 12 and took out 10 and the bucket was full so where did all that other oil come from.  I learned a little oil can and does go a long way. (It is all done except for the log book entry.)

US Coast Guard Auxiliary and Homeland Security

I have been flying with the Coast Guard Auxiliary for several years.  Recently the CGAUX has been used in some homeland security to assist and augment the Coast Guard.  I have collected a short list of books and CDs that might be of interest.

Changing / rotating your spark plugs (See link on left)

Why you should put your plugs back in a certain order.  The polarity of the mags does make a difference on the wear of your plugs.

General Aviation specific books from Amazon

 More Books on General Aviation

Risk Management:  Every activity has it's own unique risks:  It is up to you to manage those risks appropriately.

My First Solo almost got me.  What is Important?!

Flight from Ocean to Ocean.  Across the country in my plane.

Sun N Fun

Landing at Hartsfield International

Sold - Cessna Skylane II  CLICK the link below for complete details.!

1983 Cessna Skylane II  182R 


Why I bought a 182 

Some of my reasons are true for everyone and some are just plain funny. Click to follow.

Single Pilot IFR

A neat link to 1000s of airplane pictures.

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